3rd May 2010

Tomorrow, one year ago, I was leaving Milano for my 6-months bike Travel. It’s a strange feeling, thinking at this in this sweet but windy night on the Lake. One full year, and it seems so close. The feeling is … that I really would now be ready for setting off again 😉 Happy Life to All!

The World….

…”The World is a Book, and who doesn’t travel read just a page”. (Saint Augustin)   …”Il mondo e’ un libro, e chi non viaggia ne legge solo una pagina”. (Sant’Agostino).


As a gipsy_snail….not as “gipsy” as before…   (L’Imbarcadero)       …but still trying to keep my “snailitude” 🙂             Even if … that’s really “100% Snailitude” guerenteed !!! http://www.treehugger.com/files/2009/03/carry-your-house.php (Thanks Silvia for the good link!) All the best to All!      

“Gledileg Jol” (Merry Christmas in Icelandic)!

These days I’m often thinking about how Christmas day must be in Iceland. In particular I’d like to see how it is now in Isafjordur, the capital of the West Fjords region. Or how it is in Heimaey. Or how it is on top of Vatnajokull, the largest Icelandic glacier. I’m also thinking about my nice, little Gamvik, in Norway, … Continua a leggere

Pictures December 2009

Lago di Osiglia (Osiglia Lake), 4th December 2009           L’Imbarcadero, Osiglia (Savona), 4th December 2009           Trip to Vicoforte (Cuneo), 4th December 2009           La Sciura dealing with the snow, 5th December 2009           Ligurian Alps (from Colle del Melogno), 5th December 2009   … Continua a leggere

An evening with snow in Osiglia

Osiglia is not a girl, but it’s my 501…which means, 500 inhabitants, until a month ago, and,  now, 501. I like thinking that Osiglia adopted me, and I adopted Osiglia. It’s a village in  the mountains of the Ligurian Alps, 25km from the sea, but it seems 250km. About 700 metres  asl, there’s an artificial lake (since 1936), and huge … Continua a leggere